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A note to my english speaking visitors: This website only serves to give you an idea about my German book Codierte Kunst (Coded Art).

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E-Book edition: The German version of the book CODIERTE KUNST was self-published as a printed book. Editing as a genuine e-book (especially as an Apple iBook) is associated with an effort that I can not afford at present. Therefore, I offer the download of the original printable PDF file (this corresponds to the original print edition without further layout adjustments!) for € 22,00.

The e-book can only be ordered by e-mail directly from the author:

  1. Order by e-mail to (for the avoidance of spam obscured with brackets):
    • jo [dot] wedekind [at-sign] t [minus] online [dot] de
  2. The order confirmation will be sent by e-mail and contains all information about the prepayment.
  3. Transfer the purchase price to the account indicated in the confirmation email.
  4. After receiving the full payment the link for download will be sent by e-mail.

Note: For reasons of small business provisions, in accordance with § 19 UStG the charging is VAT-free.